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Hi and welcome to my website aimed at helping small business owners, and especially real estate companies, to maximise the potential that a good website will have on the business.

It is true to say that a good website will bring business in, and sometimes it is difficult to realize that the new business has come via the website, so often it can be neglected and overlooked.  You only have to do a search for any small business in your town to see some of the awful websites that are still out there. The problem is, that poor website can also turn potential customers away, thus losing you money.

It is not even a fact that websites are expensive. These days a quality site can be designed for under $200, and can also be added to and enhanced at a later date.

There are several very good and easy to use online website building services that even a novice can learn to use quickly, and create a decent website that will start to bring in businesses. Two good examples are www.weebly.com and www.wix.com.

My personal favorite is the wordpress website, because it can be tweaked with themes and plugins to enhance and with just a few hours of online training just about anyone has the ability to create a professional looking site from scratch.

Below this text is an infographic which shows the way that small businesses these days are using a website and social media for effectively marketing any business.

My hope is that this website will help you to upgrade your online presence and understand the importance of this subject to your business and profitability.


business website infographic

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A local home health care business website

businessI recently made a website for a local home care business. We came across each other because one of my parents is having health problems, and as she is now 87, she needs regular help.

I live only 35 miles away, but it is too far to be able to help on a daily basis. So I did some research and found a local company that offers a service that will call in on mum several times a day to make sure that she is fed, put to bed, got up in a morning and generally looked after, and I of course go as often as I can.

The company had virtually no marketing plan, and their website was poor, so we had a meeting and I decided that I could probably help by building a new site and running their social media campaigns. They are already seeing results in both search engine rankings and social media interaction, and mum is getting the help she needs too.

I thought I would include some information about how their business works and promote it in the hope that it will help others in a similar situation and help their wonderful home care business too.

In times of medical needs, so many things will emerge. There are multiple reasons why domiciliary health care providers can be so helpful in such times. Much as home health care can be offered by any family member or the patient’s loved ones, that in itself isn’t the best and most convenient option.

Many homes are actually less equipped to provide domiciliary health care. Both the patient and the caregiver have an extensive range of needs that need to be met. A domiciliary health care provider clearly understands the needs of both parties and thus, they can organise for all that is needed to offer the best support and health care to the sick or recuperating patients even in their own home.  Staff who attend to the patients are also experienced and well trained to deliver exactly what the patient expects.


Domiciliary health care is a 24-hour support service.  Much as it could be as simple as quickly checking the patient’s state, it can also go beyond to include things such as feeding and bathing.

Live-in care

Live in care can be so helpful particularly to post-operative patients. Rather than one recovering in the hospital which might as well shoot the bills to horrible levels, domiciliary health care providers can organise for a more feasible option.

Domiciliary health care providers have well-trained staffs who are equipped with the right knowledge and skill to assist you to recover fast while at your home.  This can include anything from meal preparation, companionship, transportation to wound dressing, medication assistance, speech therapy, emergency management and patient-choice-glassesso much more.

Flexible care

Perhaps you may require someone to visit for a couple of hours a week just to offer routine health care services. Or you wish for a caregiver to come around for several hours a day to assist you with your daily activities as you recover, for instance, bathing and preparing meals, then a domiciliary health care provider is your best option.

Domiciliary health care providers

Our domiciliary health care providers are equipped with the skill and resources to care good care of adults, elderly and children on various aspects. We are specialized in dealing with a wide range of conditions from learning disability, Alzheimer, mental health to old age, recuperation after surgery and many other conditions.  All our staffs are trained to deal with the respective support needed including even non-medical functions.

And when there arises a need to engage nurses, doctors and other therapists we can liaise with any of them to come and offer you the needed support.

Each person has their own set of unique needs. That’s why we put into careful consideration what you wish to get from us then work on offering you exactly what you need. This includes such small things as how you want your meal prepared or the overall care given.

A domiciliary health care provider is certainly an option you should consider for your loved ones or a family member who deserves optimum health care so as to get on well with life.  Aside from the support they will get in adjusting back to their normal lives, they will also be lucky to experience speedy recovery and above all, be comfortable and have a peace mind throughout their entire healing process.

If you find yourself in a similar situation to me, where you have loved ones that need help living at a distance, then contact your own local home care provider, and see how they may be able to help you with this difficult situation. I am proud that my knowledge of website design and marketing is able to help this business.

The video below has some additional information that you might find useful.

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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

For those of you who don’t know, there was a google update last year that affected how a website will show in a google search if it is not mobile friendly. Basically your business will not show in a google search to anyone searching on a mobile device if it is not a mobile friendly website.

Not being mobile friendly means that your website will not adjust to the size of the device that it is being viewed on, so if someone is looking on a smartphone for instance, most of your website will not be on screen.

Since more than 60% of searches are now done from mobile devices such as phones and tablets, google is trying to make sure that the user gets the best result for their search, and will only show mobile friendly websites.

So you need to get your act together or you are losing business. You can check to see if you have a mobile friendly site by going here:


I also found this infographic that offers more information. This is important, make sure that your website is responsive or you will be losing business.


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Small Business Websites – The Plasterer

plaster a ceilingBeing involved in real estate as an investor and also as a web designer means that I have almost constant contact with members of the building trade. I have found that it sometimes takes a while to find a good reliable contractor, but when I do, I like to use that person whenever possible to get the results that I am looking for.

Plasterers are a good example. Many people try plastering as a DIY project, but it is a difficult task to master. A good plasterer can turn a mess of a wall into a smooth perfect finish in a short space of time. It’s a real skill to get right.

I recently made a website for my plasterer, and asked him for some tips that I could pass on to anyone needing a plasterer themselves, such as what to look for in a plasterer, when to use a plasterer etc. The website is Quality Plastering Nottingham. Take a look and let me know your comments and any ideas I could use to improve the site.

This is what he came up with. I hope it helps when you are next working on your new rental property or fixer upper…

When building a home or remodeling, most people think about the extensive square footage, granite countertops or the number of windows in the new space. However, most of time little thought is given to one of the most integral parts of any home – the interior walls. Especially when it comes to plaster walls. And many homeowners are quick to tear them down to put up a drywall.

Even more, most people don’t think about the walls in their homes unless there is a problem. Yet we all know that interior walls provide separation and privacy. Walls also can be excellent sound barriers, insulators and fire resistance.

The two most common forms of interior walls are plaster walls and drywall walls. Plaster walls have been used since ancient times. Even Egyptian tombs feature paintings on the plaster walls. Obviously, as technology advanced, drywall became more durable and people used to move away from plaster walls. Drywall now covers a majority of the interior walls in most modern homes and apartments.

However, replacing plaster walls with drywall is not only a major expense and mess, it also destroys the style of your house. People usually switch to drywall because of the issues they may have with plaster walls. Speaking of problems, the most common issue with plaster walls is pulling away from the lath behind it or cracking across the wall in general.

Buying a sheet of plasterboard and a bag of top coat plasterer will cost an extra few dollars, but will be worth every cent. However, many people are unaware of the fact that top coat plaster goes hard very quickly. As soon as the first coat is laid on, don’t wait too long before the second coat is applied.

How to patch a hole

As for patching, the best way to patch a hole is to use cornice adhesive. The cornice adhesive time can easily be controlled with salt, allowing you to complete a patching job with one mix only.

In the first place, mix enough cornice adhesive to complete the patching, but do not mix it too much, just let it soak in the disk. Mix this amount on a board with a bit of salt sprinkled over the mixture. You should use salt as salt speeds up the setting dramatically. Repeat this process for each coat. Finally, for the final filling coat, do not use the salt, just mix it on the board. Maintain even pressure to produce a thin, smooth plaster coat. Finally, you can plaster the whole wall if you want to cover even the tiniest cracks.

Skim the wall if too many tiny cracks

If there are too many tiny hairline cracks, you should skim the wall. Skimming is as much about right timing as anything else and trying to get a perfectly polished finish too quickly or maybe too late can result in a bad lookingfinish. Mixing skim plaster is where it all goes wrong for many novices.

The plaster should be mixed to a thick, creamy consistency. Futhermore, there must be no lumps at all. The dry plaster must be added to water and mixed. That said, the water shouldn’t be added to the powder as with mixing mortar.

If you would like some more detailed information, watch the video below. If you are a plasterer and would like a website similar to the one shown above, then contact me here.

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Website Design Facts

I saw this image and thought that it is a good reminder of some of the concepts that I find myself forgetting, so I thought it might have some value here.


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On Page SEO

on page seo

Time for some serious stuff!

I wanted to post the infographic that you see below to give a good easy to read reminder of the on page seo steps that you need to take with your local website in order for it to do well in the serps.

I am going to list these steps here, but it would be a good idea to print out the image below and keep as a constant reminder of these important steps. If you are not sure of how to do any of these, just google the title of each step and you will find that all the information is out there for you… and free!

1 Optimize your logo.
In the alt tag for your business logo, put your business name and the city where you operate.

2 NAP’s
This stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. Be sure to have this and only this address on your website, maybe in the footer or somewhere prominent. Always use the same address format everywhere on the internet. It is a good idea to have your address in a site wide footer, as in this Nottingham carpet cleaning business website

3 Google Map
It is easy to embed a google map on your site, add directions too and make it easy for customers to find you.

4 Meta Title and Description
Always include your city and region in your Meta data. Sounds complicated but it isnt. Google it!

5 Content and Links
Try to include lots of references and links out to relevant businesses, authority sites and local events.

6 Language and GEO Tags
Use the correct language tags, for instance en-US or en-GB

7 Are you using Schema?
Schema is becoming important. Go to http://schema.org/localbusiness to find out more.

8 Google authorship
If you are a well known local person or business, setting up authorship can greatly improve your rankings and click through rate.

9 Present your team
Highlight your team using local schema, and by linking to their Linkedin and Google+ profiles

10 Local publicity
Use your website to organize local events and initiatives to generate interest.

Quite a list I know, and if there is something that you are not doing, it is not the end of the world, however, it seems to be the websites that take care of the little details that get the results, mainly because your competition is not doing it!

There is lots of information on the web about each of those topics, and remember to print out the graphic below.

local seo tips

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Simple website design tips

I just came across this video from Google. It gives some good basic advice about how to set up your local business website. Take a look and see if it is helpful to you.

I still find it useful to watch or read information on information that I already know, because it then becomes instinctive, and I don’t have to think about my actions when next making a website, it becomes natural.

Most of the information in the video is common sense, regarding making the site look clean and uncluttered, using good english and being informative. Google wants the end user experience to be the best it can be, and your site will have a better chance of ranking in the SERPS if yor website is providing information that the searcher is looking for.

Plenty of good information about your business and the subject in general means that the end user will quickly get the information he or she needs. Your keywords need to be targeting the audience you are looking for, and your information should keep the user on your site for as long as possible, so good quality content is the order of the day.

This video is part of a series from google, you will see more videos in the list of related videos to the right in youtube. I recommend you watch them all and you will become a website Ninja in no time!

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What Makes A Good Local Business Website

Ok… so you know that this is my pet peeve! And it’s not just about real estate websites, it also applies to thousands of local business websites. The worst culprits seem to be the local trade businesses, such as plumber, plasterers, electricians and handyman websites. They are very often outdated and cookie cutter, so they either don’t stand out at all, or they do for all the wrong reasons. You know who you are!!

So this is my two penneth, as my grandma used to say….

Firstly……. What you want out of your website?

It may seem obvious, you want potential customers to choose your company and buy your services, but if you write it out somewhere you will be better able to focus on it. Knowing your goals will help you attain them through your website by focusing your energy on a specific point.

How to setup your website

  • Offer a full search
    •  I know that you want your company to be the one they choose, so make that very obvious on your homepage, but consider showing them other options. Consider highlighting your prices or another way to dramatize what your company has to offer. If you only show listings with your company, chances are high that they will turn to a more generic website so that they can see all offers in their area.
  • Make your company known
    • Make sure that you have your company’s contact information, address, and important forms easy to access. Don’t make potential clients search for your information. People love convenience, so by having a bar across the top of your website, no matter which page they are on, they will only have to click once to get to the information they need.
  • Make a simple layout 
    • You want to give them access to buttons that will direct them to what they’re looking for, but without too much wordage. Videos and pictures are welcomed, but try not to have any music set to play automatically when your page is opened. You don’t want them closing out of the page just to get the loud noise to stop!
  • Links are the gateway
    • Like stated previously, “buttons” and link bars at the top of your page will allow your visitors to look deeper into anything that interests them. Consider adding a search bar or buttons to narrow their search. If you have social media sites, invite your visitors to “like” your page or “follow” you to get updates on your growing and evolving company!
  • Make it mobile friendly
    • This is very important since google rolled out its update on April 21st 2015. Any website that is not google friendly will be disadvantaged to any user searching on a mobile device or tablet. You can check to see if your site is google friendly by using googles own easy checker that they provide. Just google mobile friendly check to find the link.mobile friendly check wildwood homes

How to stay relevant

Update your website often. So you’ve got your website up and running, which is great, but don’t forget about it! Put it on your calendar to check the website twice a week until it becomes habit.

Regularly update pictures and information so that people will continue to use your website. Also keep in mind that technology is always evolving, so if virtual holograms ever become a “thing,” get one on your site!

And don’t forget about social media. My recent post explains how important it is that you take advantage of the traffic from facebook twitter etc. And if you don’t have enough time in the day, then outsource. You know it makes sense!

small business website design image

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Social Media Marketing

We have all seen those annoying people on the bus and in restaurants using facebook, twitter and who knows what else to stay in touch with their friends while ignoring the friends that are sitting around them at the table! Well it seems like they probably know something that we don’t.twitter logo

Social media is the future, and google, bing and yahoo are starting to take note of the amount of social activity that a  website has in order to calculate it’s importance and therefore it’s ranking.

As a business owner, you NEED to start using social marketing as a major part of your marketing strategy. It all takes time, but this is becoming a necessary part of marketing your business.

Marketing is key in the world of any business. It’s that which drives sales and, often times, it’s what keeps any successful business going. So the industry has to find a way to reach more audiences and drive up sales. That makes tracking your marketing investment and putting more money in outlets that drive your sales. That also means finding ways to make your properties more visible to potential clients.

The days of putting ads in the newspaper and signs in front of a house are over. In today’s world the internet is king and you’re never going to get anywhere without climbing that mountain and putting up your for sale sign.

Search engines are the top dog online. They decide whether or not your listing sinks or swims. If you don’t follow their rules and learn their guidelines then your listing will sink to the bottom of the search results and nobody will see it.

Marketing for the Digital Age

Social signals are those little counters with social media logos on them that tell you how many people interacted with something. They work with many sites a few of which are the following:

Each of these little numbers can move you further and further up the ladder of search results ensuring that your listing is found. They mean money. The importance of social signals for your website cannot be downplayed.

Not only do social signals allow you to move up the search rankings, they also allow you to track your marketing and your listings. Oftentimes, they let you see who is looking at your listings. They let you see which listings are getting more views and which are sinking. That way you can decide where you should be putting your listings for maximum effect.

It’s important to emphasize the value of tracking the efficacy of your marketing techniques. If all your listings are your listings are bombing then it’s for a reason. If you use a variety of techniques and track their efficacy using social signals then you can improve your marketing and eventually improve your sales.

Social signals are one of the most valuable marketing tools in use today. Their benefits can’t be summed up in just a single paragraph. Any marketing tool that provides business owners with statistics is a step closer to massive sales boosts. These signals mean money and that means they’re good.

There are many free online courses that can get you started in the right direction with social media marketing, whether you are the owner of a real estate business or any other type of business.

The main thing is to get started now, if you can’t do this yourself, there are always people online that can take care of it for you, and at little cost.

So get tweeting or whatever you need to do in order to put your business in the fast lane.

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